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C&C management and operators understand our client objectives. We work closely with clients as a team, to reach the intended results in an efficient & effective manner.
What we pride ourselves on

Craig Lantry

Craig has spent his entire career in the rail industry. With his extensive knowledge and experience both operating machinery and supervising projects he is a key part of C&C. One project he remembers fondly was where they had to use an excavator to slide concrete turn outs in to position under a bridge which was also on an embankment.
He also had to mitigate risks with dealing with major overhead powerlines. He said he relished the challenge at hand and was able to successfully achieve the job.

Chris Proctor

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in major Civil works and constructions. He has also spent many years in the mining and rail industries. Chris is an essential part of C&C with his vast knowledge of multiple industries and skill both operating machinery and supervising projects.
He truly understands the capabilities of our team and the machines we use to maximise productivity and efficiency and minimise risks.